Petting Farm: Experience the Animals of a Dutch Farm

  • Goats at Dutch Village's petting farm in Holland Michigan
  • Dutch Village Petting Farm Girl with Rabbit
  • A friendly llama at Nelis' Dutch Village Petting zoo in Holland Michigan
  • "Our two-year-old granddaughter loved the barn and animals and even became an honorary dutch dancer!"

    - Lori from Newark, Ohio
  • Traditional Farm Animals at Dutch Village's Petting Farm

    Farming and animals are a part of our Dutch heritage. At Dutch Village's de Kinderboerderij, you can enjoy spending some personal time with some of your favorite farm animals. The farm has many activities for you to try.

    Dutch Village Goat Walking

    Playtime with a Goat

    Our goats are friendly and love to bounce about. You or your children can take one for a short walk in the goat pen. Or they may walk you! Goats have unique personalities. You and your family will remember the interactions with our furry farm animals.

    Pet a Bunny

    Who doesn't love a soft, furry bunny? At Dutch Village, you can spend some quality time with one of our many rabbits.

    Young goats at Nelis' Dutch Village Michigan

    Feed the Goats

    Throughout the day, you can help us feed our famous goats to keep them from eating the tulips!

    Visit Cows and Pigs

    Learn about some of the most important farm animals in the United States and see them up close and personal.

    Be a Shepherd

    At Dutch Village's de Kinderboerderij, our sheep are available for a stroll in the meadow with you and your children.

    Get Up Close with a Llama or Alpaca

    Llamas are a domesticated South American herd animal. They are very social and friendly. Alpacas are different, but related animals. Alpacas are smaller than lamas and have a fuzzier head full of fur. Alpacas are gentle and friendly. You can say hello to both llamas and alapacas at Nelis' Dutch Village.

    Dutch Village Holland Piglet at Petting Farm

    Beautiful Prize Chicken Breeds

    Chicken come in many different breeds often with remarkable plummage of feathers. Dutch Village has a wide variety of breeds on display in our chicken coop. You can watch them and even help with feeding.

    Please know that we operate our petting farm with respect to the health and care of our animals. There are no additional charges for the activities in the petting farm unless you choose to feed an animal. Animals may not always be available for walking or feeding based on their needs.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Dutch Village pet friendly?

    Yes, well-behaved dogs are permitted inside Dutch Village, but we ask that you keep them on a leash and clean up after them. They are not permitted in the cafe, food shops or near the petting farm. Please remember that goats may be walking within the park.

    Are there volunteer opportunities at Dutch Village?

    Are you interested in working with animals? We do have volunteer opportunities in our farm for kids, ages 12+. You'll get the chance to help care for the animals at the Village.

    If you're interested in this exciting opportunity, download and fill out the Volunteer Application below.

    Volunteer Application