Have fun on our new Mini-Zipline!
Kids riding the Mini-Zipline Kids riding the Mini-Zipline Kids riding the Mini-Zipline
theme park has many sights, sounds and activities that reflect a Netherlands Village from over 100 years ago. Each year we add new attractions which are all included in your park paid admission. With these new attractions, it will seem like the carnival has come to town. Our goal for you is a memorable family fun experience.

Download our park guide folder for more information and visit our hours page to plan your visit.

Pump'nGo Cars
Petal Pumper cars
Popular Chicago area KiddieLand is closed and one of its best rides has a home in our park now. These self operated Petal Pumper cars are popular with little kids. Their faces beam as they make their own car go round the track. A great photo op!
former Kiddieland sign
"Old Dutch Cheese Making and Cheese Tasting"
Cheeese Making
Cheese Making
Preparing Cheese Tasting Samples
The Dutch love their cheese. Over the ages, the Dutch have become well known throughout the world for their high quality cheese. Gouda cheese is a Dutch favorite. Nelis' Dutch Village, using vintage 19Th century equipment, has recreated a typical farm house cheese making operation producing our own Gouda cheese. From cow's milk to finished cheese wheel, visitors can see the whole process. Afterward our Gouda can be sampled as well as other types of cheese from around the world.
new collage

walk our goat
marlon delt 1
How is Delftware Made?
In this presentation, our staff will help you understand the details of "real delftware". You'll become acquainted with the techniques used for molding, hand painting, firing and glazing of real delftware. Also reading and interpreting markings will be discussed.
marlon delft 2